Yoga For Charity

A Philanthropic Way to Share Your Yoga. There are many benefits why people gravitate towards a yoga practice. Yoga helps strengthen the body and mind, builds community, find one’s authentic self and even reframes one’s thought process on how they should approach life.

Yoga means union

The practice seeks to find harmony and synchronicity between the body, mind, and spirit of the practitioner. When people think of yoga, the most probably think of people in fancy poses looking sleek and toned, sportive figure. In reality, the physical practice of yoga, asana, is only a small part of the overall practice of yoga. The physical poses are a big part of modern yoga, but other cores of yoga, such as nonviolence, service to others, breath, meditation, should all be incorporated into the practice to be able to get closer to that idea of unity.

Yoga Seva

A big concept in yoga is Seva, which means selfless service. Seva is meant to help the practitioner grow spiritually, for we are all made better when we serve others. It is also meant to  improve the communities being served. Giving without expecting to receive anything in return is thought of as blessed action. Many yogis practice seva on a daily basis, whether on small or large scales. It can be as simple as cooking food for a neighbor going through a hard time, or as big as starting nonprofits or yoga charities to empower underserved communities, and anything in between.

We want to highlight some of our favorite yoga charities that are demonstrating seva through their work. These organizations inspire us everyday to be more giving, more compassionate, and more active in making the world a better place.

Photo – Helene Lee / YHB