When you are meditating you will be fully alert and conscious and achieve increased awareness.

After your meditation you will have a renewed sense of dynamism.

Normally our mind holds several different thoughts at the same time, so when you learn to meditate, you must learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. One useful technique is to concentrate on a candle flame or other objects such as a small dot or flower.



Once you are able to concentrate on one thing at a time, you could start practicing to have no thought at all or a silent mind. This is not easy to do for a beginner, but a trick is to throw out all thoughts that appear on your mind.

Meditation will allow you to control and on occasions completely stop your thoughts.

Before we place our mind, we should always place our body comfortably, so never force yourself in any position that causes discomfort.

It is better to be fully awake when meditating instead of feeling sleepy. It is therefore recommended not lying down during meditation as you may fall asleep.

On the other hand sit with a straight back in a lotus pose, a cross-legged sitting asana in which your feet are placed on the opposing thighs. This position, which resembles a lotus, will encourage breathing during meditation and foster physical stability.

People who have difficulties sitting in a lotus position could also do their mediation sitting in a chair or sitting on a cushion.   Legs can be crossed in a comfortable way.

Sitting with an uplifted spine and a good sitting position will benefit your meditation.

It is also recommended not to eat about one hour before you meditate. In case you must eat, then make sure it is a light meal.

Taking a relaxing shower before meditating will leave a fresh feeling that could have a positive effect on your feeling and mindset.

Dress comfortably with loose clothes and create a relaxing atmosphere.


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