let’s explore all that is Evolution Asia Yoga Conference 2019.

This event will be  held from Thursday, 13rd June to Sunday, 16th June. The entire conference consisted of,  over 4 days, 165  workshops and 45 global teachers are all for you. There’s something for everyone as traditional Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Yin, Restorative, Ashtanga, to Advanced Anatomy, Reiki Certification, Yoga Therapy and more. It’s the perfect opportunity to be inspired, connect with like-minded souls, and meet your renewed self!

Evolution – Asia Yoga Conference , this event sessions were the pre-curser for participants to get really up, close and personal with some of the special guest teachers and presenters. If you attended this events you were lucky enough to have up to three hours sessions or half day or even a full day with individual international yoga teachers and speakers to really dive deep into topics like Building Business Intensive, Intelligent Sequencing, Alignment Anatomy and Assist, and Bridging the Gap. Believe me, I attended  many of these sessions for over 8 years and really enjoyed the close atmosphere, and naturally the extra time that these sessions provided to go deeper, and to get to know some of the experience international teachers after all the weekend.

In my opinion, The conferences like the Asia Yoga Conference are a good way to dip your toes into the aspects of Yoga beyond the physical form and poses and explore the other limbs. Attend a morning session or a full day session on Yoga philosophy followed by a lunch-time lecture on back bending, and top off your afternoon with workshops on myofascial release and mindfulness meditation. Now rinse and repeat over the coming 4 days!

What is the common theme between us all, no matter our Yogic level. We are all this personification of a yogis or yoga practicers , andwe all want to be surrounded by, inspired by, learn and be thought by those of liked minds. We all come to together to support, appreciate and exchange prana, this life force and energy with one another.

It almost goes without saying for me that this event is one I will return to next year, and for the forthcoming years. I also believe that if something in this article reaches out to you and you find yourself nodding in agreement, then this event is completely and absolutely is for you.

More information: https://www.asiayogaconference.com

Photo : Helene Lee