Asia’s leading yoga and wellness conference of its kind, bringing together renowned presenters from across the world. Passionately dedicated to serving and offering access to the best yoga and global teachers for the region.

For over a decade, Asia Yoga Conference has inspired change in the growing community, uniting the best of cultures for all bodies and minds. From world famous masters, up and coming talents and teachers from all lineages in yoga and beyond, we have empowered yoga teachers, inspired students and developed yoga community including yoga studios and networks.

If you want to have a change, you need to do something different.
We normally like to stick to our comfortable daily life, our favorite yoga teachers, our usual yoga classes and familiar tribes in our daily practice and in our life. Let’s get a chance to meet new people and explore unfamiliar ideas, practices and the environment to inspire new perspectives in yoga and life.
The Asian Yoga Conference is a four-day training, learning, transformation and growth opportunity in Hong Kong. For those who study hard, you can gain new depth, diversity and education from the best yoga and health teachers in the world.

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