Foundation is the base of every beauty look, so no matter what foundation you are using, here are eight tips to apply.


1. Find your perfect color

If your skin’s undertone is cool, choose a natural, beige or cocoa shade. If your skin’s undertone is warm, select a golden, tawny, honey, or chestnut shade. Swipe three possible matches on your lower cheek or jawline and pick the one that fades into your skin without much blending. It is best to check this under natural light.

2. Prepare your skin

Wash your face as per your daily skin-care routine. Using primers as a base can help the ease of application and extend the wear of makeup. Primers help to prevent foundation from settling into lines or pores, and they also help the color stay true for a longer period of time.



3. Use sponge or fingers

When you just want a thin coverage, use your fingers, or for a more compact coverage, use a sponge. The main thing is that you have the right shade and the right texture for your skin.

4. Use the best technique

The best technique to bring on your foundation is to blend thin layers into your skin.

5. Focus on problem areas

The problem areas, where there are often blemishes or uneven skin tone, that require attention will vary from person to person. However, most women need some foundation around the center of the face, around chin, mouth, nose and forehead.

6. Blend out

Create a natural look by focusing on these areas and blend out, so that the foundation will become thinner as it goes towards the hairline.

7. Hide imperfections

Once your foundation is on use a concealer to hide the imperfections or problem areas.

8. Finish of

To end, you could always finish with a little bit of powder to keep everything in place.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock